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Oil & Gas

Philippines | Asia
As Trade and Supply Manager for Filpride Resources Inc. I can assist you in entering the local supply and logistics of the Philippine Petroleum industry.

Filpride is a part of the TWA Flying V network who is the largest independent oil company in the Philippines.

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about Filpride

Filpride Resources Inc. is one of the countries leading independent petroleum companies, focused and specialized Filpride has been growing year by year for over three decades. Together with well implemented technologies the company has evolved to capture todays challenging petroleum demands of the country.

FILPRIDE RESOURCES INC (FRI) purpose built from the ground up to provide world class petroleum resources to the Philippines and its neighboring ASEAN countries. FRI creates multiple avenues for middle distillate products into this complex archipelago to provide fuel the critical industries of the Philippines.

Euro 4 Diesel & Gasoline, Jet Fuel, & Lubricants from the worlds top refineries and global suppliers are only a few of the products carefully handled by FRI. Allowing on location services to the Philippines leading Independent oil companies and government organizations to retail petrol stations, FRI has core strengths that allow smooth importation, storage, and distribution of fuels.

FRI has strategic facilities that provide essential services for global oil companies, regional petroleum providers, and local institutions that require stable access of supply. Starting with full services terminals, storage, inter island, and local logistics form the back bone of FRI's core service strengths.

FRI extends its welcome as 2017 rolls on in by the development of www.Filpride.Ph, which is aimed to extend the service reach into to the 21st century. Access via the internet for all early essential information and corporate data to customer, including integral supplier services.



Business Development
new to the Philippine market place? looking into one of Asias fastest growing economy?

gearing up for a new venture no longer means budgeting for an operation that consists of a full staff requiring significant resources. from exploratory to turnkey projects I can hand your the country for the taking.

All you need is the passion and drive to conquer a new market, I'll bring everything else.

Most recent projects

SME Financing []

Renewable Energy [TWA-Flying V]

Fish processing Plant [FARSI Subic]

Auto Industry
[Autonomous Inc]
[X1R Lubricants]

Online Store
[CCPH Inc]

Medical Technology
[Asian Facilitators SG]



Import | Export
Importation or exportation of global consumer goods is as tricky as can be, then you add the complexities of brand management, logistics and distribution.

Working within the confines of an evolving market space I can provide you services in these areas backed by solid and reliable sources, providers, and industry knowledge that is turnkey for large operations and replicable for SME.

working closely with well rooted organizations in the Pharmaceutical, Foods, & Grocery items allows you access to tools at the multinational conglomerate level without the demands of being one yourself

Companies I closely work wok with are

Brands Worldwide
Rhodesian Dsitrubtors
First Asian Inc.
Made In Italy
GianMarco USA


Santino M. Vital | Career Profile

Perpetual Service Integrity for over 2 decades internationally…

12 years in Real Estate Finance & Mortgage Brokerage handling over 20 real estate agents and mortgage brokers in San Francisco California. Delivering the highest returns per loan while achieving top ranks in repayments ratios.

5 Years in the Oil & Gas Industry as well as Power & Energy managing business developments in Hydro Electric Power and Middle Distillates Importation. Negotiating contracts and coordinating global supplies, refineries, and traders.

5 Years in the import/export industry developing global manufacturers and traders, delivering new markets to growing companies and extending the reach of large enterprises.
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I’ve been in the world of business since I was 16, born in Manila & growing up in San Francisco I've been fortunate to be in mix of industries that demand many layers of disciplines and specific practices to make it successful. Since 2004 I started exploring opportunities here in Manila, and Finally in 2007 I made the daring jump to expand my business here diving into Real Estate Development, Import Export, M&A and many others.

All of the services I provide requires one critical element, communication. as technology advances and business operations become more & more complex, it's hard to fathom that we would have a difficult time communicating with one another. Surprisingly it happens, a LOT. small businesses and large enterprises alike suffer from it. So as a first step, allow me to establish a line of communication with you directly and personally. Let's start >> here << and get to work.

Contract Negotiations
Contract writing
Business Management
Coordination & Collaboration
Creative writing
Loyalty & Integrity
Problem Solving
Website development
Social Media content writing
Meeting deadlines


m: +63 917.890.7378
vm: +1 650.855.4817

126 Lipa Street
Ayala Alabang Village
Muntinlupa City
Philippines, 1780
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